Second Chances


Nathaniel walks into where they are assigned souls to guide. This will be his first soul, he never thought he would have to guide a soul. He walks in and smiles at the only angel in the room, his back is to Nathaniel. This is the new soul's guardian angel, the angel has sandy blonde hair and if he is like most angel his eyes will be mostly white.

Slowly the angel turns around, and bows his head. It is out of respect for the angel. “Nathaniel?” His captivating voice asks, Nathaniel nods. He keeps his head down, he has heard stories how some guardian angels. How they demand respect, or you'll never get out of this place. “Why haven’t you guided a soul? You have been here for almost fifty years.”

That is an easy question, with his head still down he responds. “I have never been asked.” He always wonder why he never was, but in a way he was grateful. He didn’t want to see someone else reincarnated when he has to stay here. Like the angel said he has been here for fifty years.

“You may look at me, Nathaniel.” He does, and the angel smiles. “I am Calvin, and you will be guiding a very special soul.” Nathaniel remembers when he first got here, the only thing he could remember was his name, and he knew he was dead. He wasn't sure how he died, not until later.

“She will be here for a short time, unless she wants to stay. I will leave that up to her in the end.” Calvin says, and grins like he is hiding something.

“I will do whatever you think should be done.” Nathaniel says.

Calvin shakes his sandy blonde head. “No, she is the one that will decided. You will just help her through it all. You remember how lost you felt, well she is leaving a family behind, and she will remember that. Just not how she was killed.” He puts his hands in front of his face and waves his hands in the open air. “Would you like to see her?”

Nathaniel's friends have told them that the angels always show you would the new souls die. He doesn't know if he wants to see that, his death is still fresh in his mind. He stands there and stares at Calvin.

Calvin sighs, and then smile. “Nathaniel, you must know what she looks like when she shows up here. There will be many other souls that show up at that same time.” He nods, it's not like he has a choice. “Good, now look at my hands.” He starts to wave them again, and where his hands are touching white smoke fills the air.

Nathaniel can see a faint image appearing in the white smoke. The first thing he notices is bright red hair, and then he sees it short. The image clears, and he see her in her entirety. She takes his breath away, she has different colored eyes. One is bright blue, and the other one is bright green. He watches her smile, and his heart races. What is it with her, he has never acted like this before. He glances at Calvin, he just smiles at Nathaniel. He knows the angel is keeping something, and that Nathaniel isn’t getting the whole story.

“Why is she special?” He says, as he turns his attention back to the image. He can't hear, but he thinks she may be laughing.

“In time you will see.” Calvin says, he didn't think he would get a complete answer from him. Angels can't lie, but they can tell half truths.

He watches as someone walk in, and sees they have something covering their face.

“You must go out there and wait for her.”

Nathaniel nods and turns around. He stops when he remembers he never got her name. “What's her name?” He says as he turns to face the angel.

“Ella, Ella Martha Jones.”

Nathaniel smiles, her name is beautiful just like her. He walks out to the field to meet Ella.

Kallos’ Sorrow is DONE! Yes, I am done. Now I have to edit and add things. When I stopped, I was at 42,660 before I added things. I am 64 pages in and already added 1,500 words. I think that book 2 is my favorite so far! You get to meet a new god, and there is a new guy that helps out with Kallos. Here is what you can expect from Sorrow

          There is a death, a funeral, and a kidnapping.

          I can’t wait for y’all to read the Kallos Series!